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West of England Geese

West of England  Goose

West of England   Geese
 West of England Geese (like Pilgrim Geese) are an autosexing breed. These two breeds are the only true auto-sexing geese that can be sexed at hatch.
Ganders are white and geese are grey and white. Both goose and gander have a slightly pink-orange bill, legs and webs. The West of England Goose was first standardised in the UK in 1999.  Medium weightwith a mixed parentage/history.

Uses: Utility - meat and eggs. Useful autosexing characteristic.
Eggs: 20 to 50 white eggs per year.
Origin: UK.
Weight: Gander: 7.3 - 9.1 Kg. Goose: 6.3 - 8.2 Kg.
Colour: Ganders: White. Geese: Pied Grey and White

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