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American Buff Geese

American Buff  Geese

American Buff Geese
Breed History; . . .
.Appearance: A heavy smooth breasted and double lobed breed with astance similar to the Embden Goose.
~Upright and alert with deep hazel eye ; orange bill and legs preferably with a lighter orange rather than pink bean
In the US noted as an American descendant of the wild Greylag goose,which is found in Europe and Northern Asia. As a dual-purpose goose, it produces both eggs and meat. The meat is a rich, dark meat. The buff goose is an apricot-fawn color with a whitish abdomen, brown eyes and orange feet and bill. The breed is the largest of the medium weight class of geese( in the USA) with mature ganders (male) weighing about 18 pounds and mature geese weighing about 16 pounds.
The American Buff is calm and docile, a good choice for a home flock.They are good, attentive parents. In 2003, there were fewer than 500 breeding birds and five or fewer breeding flocks. in the USA so there categorised as rare breed

Names. . . .As in the Brecon not all large Buff geese are American Buffs ... if in doubt ask to see the parent birds.
Country Of Origin;........ America
Carriage; . . Upright and alert
Egg Colour .....................white
Egg Numbers............10 / 20 each female per year
Breed Defects. .White feathers in coloured plumage; EXCEPT white around the bill/ a sign of age as in a Brecon Goose; Uneven Lobes
Incubation:. . . . . . . 28 - 34 days
Breed Hints....   . . .Kept as trio or pair .. will go broody and hatch
Weights;   Gander, 6 kg ( 18 pounds) Goose, 5.5 kg (16 pounds )
Breed Tip  . . . .Needs: Grazing; Deeper water. as a swimmer and splasher !
Flying .  . . .rarely flies a good all rounder;\