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Pilgrim Geese

Pilgrim Goose

Pilgrim Geese. . . . Sex linked

Breed History; . . .
The Pilgrim is the only goose breed in which males and females are sex linked ; the males creamy white and the females grey. It is likely that the Pilgrim was not standardized as a breed until this century. Oscar Grow claimed to have developed them in the 1930's in the midwestern U.S..

Pilgrim geese are unique in that they are the only domestic breed of geese that is sexually linked as a gosling and as an adult. In Pilgrim geese, the sexes have a distinct colouring and pattern that identities them. Adult ganders are mostly white with some grey on the back and wings. Adult females are mostly grey with some white on their head and neck. The gosling males are silvery yellow with light beaks. The young females are olive drab with darker bills.

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