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Checking the Sex of Ducks + Geese

Sexing Babies

This includes the diagram for vent sexing . To make it easy adult males = curly tail feather plus a raspy non quacking sound from about 10 weeks.  Girls quack for  Britain and can clearly be heard from about week 5 / 6 . The getting personal diagram below is for breeders to check at about a week old . Yes it says day old but too much trauma and manhandling is not popular. . . they are different to chicks 

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This requires a dry duckling preferably before breakfast/good light or alamp/short fingernails and patience to learn. Try once mark the duckling and when the males voice drops then check your success rate. Contrary to opinion ducks and geese can be sexed at any age . Chickens must be vent sexed at under 24 hours old with no food or water or their sex organs are hidden as they grow which is why feather sexing is now more common

Drawing below is from 1904 but it is the clearest most obvious description so I cleaned the pic in Photoshop .With an adult goose a knowledge of various wrestling holds and often a strong coat is useful. I once watched a male friend show somone how to sex a large Embden gander wearing shorts and T shirt .. gander won but the video would have made a fortune

Totally idiot proof curly tail = male

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