Domestic Waterfowl Club.

Feeding, Water etc.

Feeding, Water etc.

Drinkers. . .  never never the sweet plastic ones for hens if all else fails a washing up bowl with a brick works. Just work out how much they drink the fact that their beak does not fit in efficiently and how many times you will have to refill it

Useless for all except tinies... works for babies but not UV safe goes brittle if outdoors

Again okay for babies adults beak does not fit unless you can find the large yellow goose one on

Food Bowls . . . At present I am using plastic Ikea dog bowls on a block wired to the fence through that nice little hole at the side. .  cheap simple a few of those means they all have a space to eat and any ill not eating are obvious. Ducks and gees both prefer food not at floor level so even old free plastic bread trays or plastic veg crates upended make a good 'table' anything falling though is then hoovered up by wildlife and no rat holes hiding under trays!

Below all recycled customised options. . . .that will work

Plastic tub+ drill+ bowl beneath

Guttering + wood top cover helps in wet weather

Option for tinies  esp Muscovies I would use a water trough after 2 weeks as easier to refill. . . keeps them dry/clean etc

Outdoor food station not hard standing next to water to prevent mud central

Bucket hopper can also be bought ready done

Off the floor for calls etc stops waste

The simplest add scissors or knife to plastic container  use anything from cable ties to hooks to attach. I use Ikea hanging kitchen hooks or wire on to the fence

Hardstanding blocks/ paving slabs/ wood where they eat prevents mess and shows up if you get a rat hole but do lift them off the floor as ducks / geese do NOT eat like cats

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