Domestic Waterfowl Club.



This new website will initially have a few  errors please do tell me as it helps I know about the incubation link and a few pages have yet to be written

Welcome  to the site for the Domestic Waterfowl Cub we have information; breeding facts; pictures and info of where to buy quality pure bred Ducks and Geese often with many years of known breeding behind them. All info within these pages although often hard won and learned is free for those who wish to keep and breed ducks and geese.We are British based but do have worldwide members
We were set up as a new club in April 1996 as increasing imports and exports meant that information about the newer colours / breeds and inevitably the new illnesses could be collated and disseminated quickly via phone / fax / email etc as the existing provision was not in place. The club was set up by breeders for breeders and although a number are  keen on showing this is not the main thrust of the club which exists to help the novice /junior / and long term breeder alike... often down a telephone or with an online query service. Any clear photographs/information always gratefully recieved. . .  so please do not complain if your pic is better please send it in

DWC Championship Show .The venue, Brookfields, is ok with this as are Graham for the penning and Jackie as Show Secretary. Hope we can count on your support.entry forms and worth a visit for newbies.. it is free click here pdf


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 We do not mind answering people from beginners to show professionals and will NOT get stuffy at newbie questions. Please do not email for printed info we supply only members or it will be online here. Also remember before asking for us to ship eggs to far flung shores do check your import rules as most times it is illegal also we are a club NOT a business so cannot ship 15,000 eggs a week !.


Pear Birch' s black female Muscovy. . baby!